Monday, April 6, 2015

"The deep breath before the plunge"

It's not a coincidence that I quote Gandalf for the title of my first post here. I intend to make this blog the online home of my literary postulations, my continued studies in creative writing, and my searching and seeking for that golden egg: The Doctoral Thesis.

My interests are varied. I hold a Bachelor's in English/Creative Writing and the field that stretches before me is wide, green, and over-grown. Do I pursue an MFA in Creative Writing? Do I go after an MA in English Lit then pursue a PhD in the same? What about an MFA in CW and THEN a PhD in Lit? Or, dare I think it, an MA in Lit or MFA in CW and a PhD in Comparative Mythology?

See - that "glutton for punishment" description in my Introduction is a very appropriate one! I have a little time to consider all of these things but the most important considerations are:

1. What subject am I PASSIONATE about?
2. What subject do I want to pass on to another generation and make them as passionate about it as I am?

Literature or Writing?

Ancient stories or modern?

Stories here or stories yet to come?

There has to be an amalgam.

And THIS is where I intend to find it!