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j. stanton chandler is the alter ego of author jen chandler. jen found that the more she ignored the dark tales, the louder they screamed. it's quite annoying, really. characters staging protests, loitering in closets, and tapping her on the shoulder while she's out shopping for spinach. so, she created this blog where she could share not just her own work, but highlight the work of other speculative fiction authors and help those interested in the genre.

horror isn't just about slash and trash. it's the fine art of bringing to light the things that frighten us. ghosts, goblins, things that go bump in the night are always on the menu but often times the things that truly terrify aren't found "out there" but somewhere on the inside, hidden in the deep, dark recesses of the human soul.

jen prefers to focus on both and the ways in which people handle those terrors. many times, she found that the more desperate the situation, the more of the person comes to light. and the soul can be a far more frightening thing than any corpse.

her love of a good ghost story stems from her being from the south. southerners are proud of their ghosts and they are surrounded by haunted places. the south carries a special affinity for atmospheric fiction and both the gothic and horror genres are right at home beneath those ancient oaks and swaying pines. plantations and abandoned farms, two hundred year old towns and crumbling tombstones whisper their tales to anyone willing to take the time to listen. here in the south, people do tend to move a bit slower. some of them, like jen, enjoy sitting down, letting the past rustle through the clay, and interpreting the tracks they leave behind.

pull up a chair. take a look around. enjoy yourself. horror isn't just about being scared. it's about exploring the unexplained and considering things you probably would rather ignore. we all have stories we're afraid to share with just anyone. jen certainly hopes you won't be afraid to share yours.

she's not.

but maybe she should be.

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